Every. Single. Year.

Apple phone announcement parody comic

It’s fun following along with announcements of the latest, greatest stuff. At least it is as first. But when you realize that being a “fan” of large corporations only leads to one thing – wanting to buy their products – it becomes a lot less fun.

Rarely ever does buying that new thing change your life. Chances are that you don’t need it at all. Sure, maybe the new phone is faster. Or lighter. Or thinner. There will be a new phone next year though. And the year after. Over time those changes to the thing may add up to something significant that could impact your life. But be wary of the lust of newness.

See what happens when you don’t follow along closely with companies and products. Don’t actively seek out tech reviews or news. I bet you’ll have a healthier relationship with your stuff. You’ll spend less time anticipating and more time using what you already have. It’ll free up time to enjoy art or learn or be of service, all three of which I’d rather do than think about some new gadget.

Author: Brett Chalupa

day: software developer, night: comic artist

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